Springs, trees & people

The eternal and immense plane trees of Kosmas, with their thick trunks and countless branches loaded with the treasure of refreshing green leaves, dominate the village square. The heart of Kosmas beats here all year. Many visitors limit themselves to the exploration of this part of the village, thus losing the opportunity to get to know particularly beautiful corners and sites of the rest of the settlement.

Fortunately for all of us, Kosmas mounts a strong resistance and still manages to avoid the exaggeration that naturally follows the extensive development of an area for tourism. On the same site of the large central square, below the imposing plane trees, the old men of the village also meet every day in order to exchange news. Roads around Kosmas, full of reasons for aesthetic pleasure, lead to the unique beauty of Kastaneonas, the chestnut grove.

The chestnut trees are shaped by the breath of harsh winters and stand solid and airy, thirsty for sunlight but patient with the whiplash of the wind and the snow. This is a particular sight that captures the visitors, who become one with nature. The huge, very old, and unending chestnut trees tie their green and thorny fruit in the soft light of the humid gorges. A mouthful of white nut full of the warmth and affection of home.

The springs of Kosma were and are a source of life and joy from the Paleolithic age until today. The flocks stop at the tens of springs in the area in order to quench their thirst, the shepherds rest, and visitors find the opportunity to make continuous stops and enjoy the beautiful natural environment of the village.

The people that live in Kosmas permanently, rooted to their ancestral land, rooted like the rocks, are the last people of the narrow valleys and the long mountain peaks, moving from time to time with the inflexibility of stone and unclouded thought.

They are always equally traditional, kind, hospitable, and sincere. People of uninterrupted work, insistence, and patience. They love their homeland passionately and have an outstanding sensitivity for everything that belongs to tradition.