Kosmas / Kosmas today

Kosmas constitutes a piece of Arcadian land that keeps its mountain virtue unadulterated and is characterized by a wild beauty that is connected to the rich history of this place. The particular style of the architecture of Kosmas gives it a picturesque nature that you rarely find anywhere in Greece.

Both the architecture of the village and the indescribable freshness of the summer are the most authentic charms of this place, which, together with the traditional hospitality of its inhabitants, form an ideal mixture and make Kosmas a perfect destination for tourists to choose.

In recent years, Kosmas was rebuilt and today it is one of the best tourist resorts in the mountains. The fundamental ingredients of the place remain untouched, such as the abundant vegetation, the cliffs, the particular architecture, the people, and the chestnut trees. Kosmas is a world that is rejuvenating itself. The old dilapidated houses are being replaced by new, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing houses, and gardens full of secrets, but without destroying the spirit of the place.

The hotels and restaurants do not alter the appearance of the town and if the visitor takes a few steps farther away, among stone-paved streets, he will be able to drink water from the faucets and will not delay in feeling the tradition of Kynouria in perfect harmony with the rhythm of its undestroyed excellence.

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