Kosmas / The Burning of Kosmas

The most tragic date for Kosmas was January 29-30, 1944. On that date, the German occupiers, with their collaborators from the Security Battalions of Laconia, decided to punish the people of Kosmas for their contribution to the National Resistance against the occupation. On Mount Parnon, in this village that joins within it, beyond all measure, the beauty of Greek nature, free human thought, the strength of our race, bravery, the efforts and struggles of the Greeks for the freedom and independence of our nation, one more dark page was written, a weight on the conscience of the Germans and their collaborators.

Kosmas was burned and completely destroyed. Years went by. And the fact of the destruction of the village of Kosmas of Kynouria by fire by the German occupation troops has been recorded in history. On January 29 and 30, 1944, Kosmas was burned. 498 of the 505 houses in the village were burned down. Today, Kosmas has been transformed into a symbol of the freedom and independence of the Greeks on Parnon. It is a force that acts within history, like Kalavryta in Achaea and Distomo in Boeotia.

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